Friday, March 21, 2008

Panory Fest '08

The time is coming closer for Panory Fest '08. The date is yet to be decided and you will be told when. It is tradition to have a drawoff, a contest in which the panory bros. face off and the winner's creation becomes an official creation. If you want to participate E-mail me your drawings.

If You Read

I'm a big, Big, BIG reader. I'm serious. If there is nothing else to do I will flip through random blogs and read the profiles if they are not in spanish.So it surprises me when other people read a book a month. So, if you took time to read my profile stop reading now , if not read on. I have hosted Panory Fest '07 and am Panory Bro. #2. I answer to Brandon alone when it come to the Panory Bros. and I am the thinker and organizer in the panory bros as this blog clearly shows as no other panory bother has a website devoted to a panory.

Panory tech

This is some Panory tech I made. If you drop a creature through the Mutater it becomes misshapen. 2 creatures are dropped through the Fuser the resulting creature has charicteristics of both creatures. Spy Glasses can turn the wearer invisible for a short period and are equipped with X-ray, Thermo-Filter, and FPS control.

Title Error

I know it says panoy time but it is Panory Time. Yes, I make mistakes too.And I finnally figured it out. A new creation every day until I run out of them.

The first

I suppose this is my blog. I should probbally explain what a panory is. This is a panory _ _
Only there is a dot in the middle of the circle. there are many kinds of panories which will be displayed as soon as I find out how to post pictures. And the circle is between and down the dashes. Then add a circle head and a stick figure body and POW you have a panory.